Fitting your loupes is easy and will take just a few seconds.

Your Xenosys Loupes from Bryant Dental are completely built for you. They will not fit anyone else and will be as unique as your fingerprint. They will arrive perfectly set up for you to use almost instantly. 

The only adjustment you may have to make will be with the nosepads. 

The nose pads are designed to be gently squeezed together or pushed further apart so sit the frames higher or lower your face respectively. 

If you put the loupes on and can't see anything through them - please don't worry. It'll only be the nose which need adjusting. 

For help getting started - please call one of our fitting experts on 07990 113723.

We don't have call centres as we value your time. If we don't answer, please leave us a message and we'll call back within 3 hours. 

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