The Solution:

99.9% of the time, the reason you are experiencing neck strain is because the loupes are sitting too high on your nose. Please gently push the nose pads further apart to sit the loupes very slightly lower. This should solve problem :) 


Xenosys Loupes supplied by Bryant Dental are completely bespoke and designed with measurements to help you maintain the posture you desire. 

Neck strain is absolutely the last thing we'd ever want you to experience from our loupes and if we need to completely remake them from scratch to correct this - we will. 

However, this has never once happened as we take 14 precise measurements at your initial appointment to ensure an incredible fit. Each measurement is double checked at the appointment and again vs a mathematical algorithm which will highlight any  deviation from a 'perfect posture' position. We'll know before your loupes are made if your measurements aren't an accurate representation or if you will have any difficulties.

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