Comparing loupes using numbers is difficult because often the derivation of the technical details is dubious. You can find our technical details for each magnification here. We advise however that the best way to compare loupes is to look through them and experience them for yourself. 

Xenosys Loupes have reimagined what was once possible and completely broken down the previous boundaries. 

When you first try on Xenosys you will notice 4 distinct features:

  • Field of view is full arch + even at 5x magnification¬†
  • Depth of Focus is 3-5x greater than any other design of loupe
  • The weight is least half that of any other loupe design
  • The lens clarity is stunning and unrivalled

This quality in magnification is achieved through expert craftsmanship and state of the art lens technology borrowed from the military. There is no magnification quite like Xenosys by Bryant Dental.

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